What’s in the shop?

We have all the whole foods (loose as well as already bagged) that you’d expect from an organic shop and more. All products are organic and fair trade, when possible.


We have vegan and vegetarian alternatives for cheeses, milks, creams, yogurts and sweets… meat substitutes, sauces, yeast flakes, mayo, pestos, sweets, chocolate, ice creams, egg replacer, jellies… plus lots of frozen and fresh pies and cakes.


We stock wheat free breads, crackers and flapjacks, pastas, cakes, biscuits and rice cakes, as well as a range of flours. We also stock rye, spelt and sprouted bread, which may be tolerated by some people with a wheat intolerance.

Fruit and vegetables

A full range of organic fruit and veggies. We aim to provide you with the freshest variety for the best price, whilst supporting local and British agriculture. All of our fresh produce is certified organic and we are licensed by the soil association.

Photography credit -   Unsplash

Photography credit - Unsplash

Meat and fish

Sourced locally, from Jason's Organic Butchers in Cotsbach, we also stock wild meats, organically farmed salmon and carefully sourced, sustainable frozen and tinned fish. We also sell organic, ethically farmed turkeys at Christmas.

Photography credit -  Jason’s Organic Butchers, Cotsbach

Photography credit - Jason’s Organic Butchers, Cotsbach

dairy products

Organic cows’, goats’ and sheep’s milk cheeses, eggs, butter, yogurts, kefir, cream, ice creams and chocolate.

Photography credit -   Unsplash

Photography credit - Unsplash

Whole Foods

Choose from seeds, nuts, dried fruits, pulses, rice, grains and cereals ... plus flours, sugars and baking sundries. Bulk bags and loose wholefoods available. Just bring your container and we’ll fill it up. Please see our list on the news page.

Photography credit -   Unsplash

Photography credit - Unsplash

general groceries

Try our range of oils, sauces, tinned vegetables and pulses, juices, soft drinks, nut butters, jam, stock cubes, pasta and noodles, breads, crackers, biscuits and more besides. Oh, and not forgetting, lots of chocolate and local honey.

Why not stock up on teas, coffees, cocoa and coffee alternatives, herbs, spices and condiments?

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High quality vitamins, minerals and food supplements.