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What’s in the shop, right now?


Local honey:

Chapelfields Honey - £5.50

Three Beeches Honey - £5.50

Eggs half dozen - £2.40

Call to find out what else might be available.

Call to find out what else might be available.


Beetroot £2.20 kg UK Alfalfa £1.85 UK

Broccoli £6.00 kg UK Avocado £7 Kg Mex

Brussels £4.50 kg UK Celery £2.20ea Sp

Butternut £3.20 kg UK Cucumber £2.20 ea Sp

Pumpkin £2.70 kg UK Lettuce £2.20 ea Fra

Cabbage green £1.95 UK Tomatoes £6 kg UK

Cabb red/wh £2.30kg UK Cherry toms £9 kg It

Carrots £2 kg UK

Cavalonero £1.95 300g UK

Cauliflower £2.50 UK Salad pk 100g £2.50 UK

Celeriac £2.30 kg UK Spring onions £1.85 UK

Celery £2.20 each Italy

Courgettes £5.40 kg It Ginger root £12 Peru

Cucumber £2.20 ea Sp Turmeric root £24 Ind

Garlic £1.00 ea UK

Kale £1.95 300g pack UK

Leeks £4.00 kg UK

Onions white £2.00/red £3.20 kg UK

Parsnips £3.60kg UK

Peppers red/yellow/green £8.50kg Sp

Potatoes £1.20 kg UK

Spinach £2.30 300g pack UK

Swede £2.20 kg UK

Sweet potato £5.00 kg Italy


Apples £4.00 kg UK

Bananas £2.50 kg Equador

Blueberries £3.65 punnet Arg

Clementines £4.90 kg It

Grapefruit 75p each It

Kiwi 40p each It

Lemons £5.00 kg It

Mango £1.60 each Spain

Oranges £2.80 kg Spain

Pears £4.50 UK

Persimmon £1,20 each It

Pomegranate £1.65 each It

Pineapple £2.70 each Mex